Drop off locations

Parkville, MO
We drop off at Heartland Church of Christ on Saturday's at 1:00pm. The address is 6120 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, 64151 Location map.
Brookside, MO
We drop off at a parking lot along the Trolley Track Trail on Brookside Dr. between Meyer and 65th St. on Saturday's at 1:45pm Location map

Grandview, MO

We drop off at the Park and Ride on the NW corner of Red Bridge Rd and highway 71, on Saturday's at 2:30pm. Location map.

Lee's Summit,MO

We drop off products on Saturday's at 3:00pm at Brennan/Axis Chiropratic. The address is 229 NW Blue Parkway, Lee's Summit, MO. They have a refrigerator and freezer to store products in if 3:00pm doesn't work. However, you won't be able to pick up your products until Monday during their business hours. Location map.